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Call for Entries

Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture Schools from the ASEAN region are invited to submit their two best graduation projects to the competition Archiprix SEA 2014 for The Innovative Use of Technology in Tropical Architecture Design.

Archiprix SEA is the regional counterpart of Archiprix International which has been celebrated biannually since 2001 in seven different cities from Europe, Asia, South America and North America. The aim of Archiprix International Hunter Douglas Awards is to stimulate the introduction of starting, talented designers into the world of professional practice.

In addition to such an endeavour, Archiprix SEA Hunter Douglas Awards aims to promote the awareness of good architectural design in the tropical setting. It is recognized that while certain facets of traditional wisdom remain untapped in the urban vernacular and indigenous buildings; increasingly however, the emerging patterns of high-density development and building types and programs require new and creative intervention of technologies into the building structure, system and fabric.

Through this undertaking, including publications and the promotion of students’ designs, it is hoped there will be a greater exchanges of ideas, an increased awareness of the region’s built environmental legacies and sharing among the top regional universities.

The inaugural edition of Archiprix SEA was held at the Department of Architecture (DOA) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) in December 2012. A large number of teams from 22 schools and six ASEAN countries submitted their proposals, from which 14 teams from twelve schools were shortlisted by an international jury and invited to participate in the three-day final competition.

For this second edition, Archiprix SEA will be held from 19 to 22 October 2014 at the School of Architecture, Building and Design of Taylor’s University in Selangor, Malaysia. Following a collaboration for over 15 years, DOA-NUS and the sponsor Hunter Douglas Asia and Hunter Douglas Singapore (HD) will also be the organizers of Archiprix SEA 2014. The four-day competition includes among other social activities, an architectural tour, the exhibition and the presentation of proposals and two workshops.

Competition Brief

ASEAN university-level schools of Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture are invited to select and send their top two graduation projects to the Archiprix SEA 2014 competition. The projects should correspond with the final graduation work at bachelor (year 3 or 4) and/or master (year 5 or 6) levels. A maximum of 20 proposals will be shortlisted by an international jury to participate in the final round of judging at Taylor’s University.

The site of the projects must be located in one of the ASEAN countries and should be related to the main competition theme: The Innovative Use of Technology in Tropical Architecture Design©. The use of materials, construction and digital technologies as well as the attention to environmental and climatic conditions and the application of sustainable design strategies are some of the technological issues students are expected to explore in their proposals.

However, the use of technology in shaping the built environment should be accompanied by a responsible consideration of the actual and possible future social, economic and environmental challenges of a particular site or the ASEAN region as a whole. The proposals should also cater to the genuine needs and desires of emerging ASEAN countries, to their respective uniqueness in architectural space and forms.

Therefore, the competition is intended to encourage students to reflect upon the conditions of their urban, suburban and rural areas, particularly to think about specific attributes of localities in terms of their potentialities and technological legacies to realize tangible ASEAN characters and aspirations in the age of globalization and technological innovation.

A wide spectrum of projects can be accepted: from a single building to urban design and landscape architecture, from new designs to interventions in existing buildings/urban and rural areas. Only graduation projects authored by one or two students will be accepted.


  • 1st Prize
    3000 SGD, trophy and financial support to participate at Archiprix International 2015
  • 2nd Prize
    2000 SGD and trophy
  • 3rd Prize
    1000 SGD and trophy

* An entrance fee is not required for the competition entry.

The sponsor of Archiprix SEA 2014 will offer travel and accommodation support for the finalists – for one or two students and the main supervisor per entry. Further details of travel and accommodation support will be announced to the finalist in September 2014.

Submission Requirements

  • Schools are required to express their interest in participating in Archiprix SEA 2014 
by 30 April 2014 via email.
  • Schools are to select their two best graduation projects corresponding to graduation submissions from August 2012 till July 2014.
  • The authors of the two best projects per schools are to register online and identify their entries as “Project A” & “Project B” in all their submissions and documents together with the name of the school.
  • Written report and drawings are to be submitted in digital format (pdf or zip) with maximum size of 50MB through the Archiprix SEA website by 15 August 2014, 11:59 pm (UTC +8). Larger files are accepted via external sites (Drop Box, Hightail, WeTransfer, etc). CD/DVD/USB can also be sent by international courier to the expense of the participants. Only material arriving before the submission deadline will be accepted.
  • The shortlisted teams should bring their own printed boards (not mounted) for the exhibition and presentation. PowerPoint slides and scale models are optional for the presentation.

Written report:

  • In PDF format along with source files (InDesign, MS Word, etc).
  • It will include:
    • Title of the proposal.
    • Name of university and country
    • Name of student(s) and supervisor
    • Project A / B (indicate accordingly)
    • General description of the project which includes an abstract (max 150 words), analysis of site and program, conceptual basis that guided the design, feasibility and technical innovative features. (total of 600-1000 words)
    • Key drawings and graphical information may be included in the report.

Drawing panels:

  • Maximum 6x ISO A1 boards or equivalent display area of 1800mm (70.5 inches) x width 1800mm (70.5 inches).
  • The information on boards will include:
    • Title of the proposal
    • Name of university and country
    • Name of team members and supervisor
    • Map describing the location of the project
    • All necessary drawings and graphical information about the project design and context
    • A summary of the written report –in a single or fragmented text- is required on the boards to complement the graphical information

A book with the summary of the proposals of each shortlisted team and the competition activities will be edited. Therefore, extra digital information and source files will also be required to be submitted between 8th September and 20 October 2014:

  • Written report with source files (InDesign, MS Word, etc).
  • Drawings with source files (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and/or InDesign) in minimum 300dpi and CMYK colour mode. Do not ‘flatten’, ‘compress’ or save the file in such a manner that the various illustrations cannot be separated from each other.
  • Source images and fonts
    • Images can be in a bitmap (raster) or vector format but must be in CMYK colour mode.
    • Bitmap images should be at least 300dpi.
    • Vector images should preferably be in Adobe Illustrator, EPS, SVG file formats.
    • If fonts other than default PC/MAC fonts have been used, kindly attach them as well.

Important Dates

  • 30 April 2014
    Deadline for schools to express interest via email
  • 1 August 2014
    Deadline for Schools to select two best Graduation projects and registration of students and supervisors
    *update: deadline has been postponed to 8 August 2014
  • 15 August 2014
    Deadline for submission of projects in digital format, online or DVD/USB by post. Files are to be submitted by 15 August, 11:59 pm (UTC +8).
  • 8 September 2014
    Announcement of 20 finalists by Archiprix SEA 2014 Jury
  • 19 October 2014
    Archi-tours in Kuala Lumpur for participants
  • 20–22 October 2014
    Competition activities


Download the Call for Entries as a PDF.